Jul 6, 2011

Source of Stability and Salvation

Isaiah 33:5-6 stood out to me recently when I read it. These verses point out some things we pursue nearly universally as humans: stability, salvation, wisdom, and knowledge. Certainly a great many Americans value our relative stability. 9/11 was a blow to that, but we've gone back to our lives quickly. I wonder how often we think of the wars going on overseas that now work to maintain that stability. Whether we call it salvation or something else, we value being rescued from trouble and freedom from guilt. Our God-given curiosity has pushed us to pursue wisdom and knowledge.

One "god" we may look to for these four things is also technology. We expect technology to bring us stability, whether through security from war and harm or through providing comfort and entertainment. We expect technology to bring wisdom and knowledge. Some thought television would be the dawn of a new age of free information; now replace that with the Internet. The Transhuman movement expects technology to save us from our frailty.

God tells us in Isaiah that He is the one that provides all these, indeed that He IS these things to us. Fear of Him should be our treasure. Do we look to our medical, transportation, or communication technologies to save us? These are good and right to pursue, but ultimately these and God's mercy are from God alone.

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