Jul 21, 2011

Good Bye Space Shuttle

And so ends the final Space Shuttle mission. I remember when school would stop and we would all go in to the auditorium to watch a shuttle launch. I certainly remember the Challenger explosion. Some technology can become an assumed part of the background of life, like indoor plumbing. But the Shuttle never was that for me.

It still amazes me that we can even do that; put people into orbit and return them safely using a massive, fire-breathing contraption. Being an engineer I have a little perspective on the massive effort, knowledge, skill, and funding required to make that happen.

However, I think the shuttle illustrates that technologies get to a point that it is difficult to criticize them, though by different ways. One is by fading to the background, much like indoor plumbing or cell phones. We just assume they are there rather than thoughtfully think about their use. Another is that they become so big, powerful, and impressive that to question them seems like (or is) treason against your society and culture.

Nothing in this world is so big or small that it cannot be examined by God's Word.

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