Jun 29, 2011

Turning to Technology Rather Than God

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Isaiah 22:8-11 is a prophecy about Jerusalem. The people are facing a siege and so work to repair the city wall and make sure they have a good water supply. All this will take a great deal of planning, coordination, and effort to shore up the technology that keeps the city in existence.

However, the warning from Isaiah is telling: they have not turned to their God who brought this about. They do not recognize that God is punishing them in order to draw them to repentance. Instead, they turn to technology to save them. They pursue the only thing they think will save them rather than the sovereign God who has brought the enemy and can take it away again.

What do we look to first when solving a problem? Do we look to God, consider our relationship with Him, and see this problem in light of that? Or do we immediately jump to something we do to solve it? That part may (and usually does) come, but Isaiah shows us that our work may be doomed without the former.

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