Greetings and welcome to A Theology of Technology. The purpose of this blog is to think through and (hopefully) flesh out a theology of technology. What does the Bible tell us about how we should think about and interact with technology? What guidance does someone who creates technology have from the Bible? We'll look at these questions and much more on this blog.

Frequency: Expect an average of 1-2 posts per week.  I just can't make the time for this blog like I used to, so expect infrequent posts for the foreseeable future.

Comment Policy: I welcome comments that are relevant to a conversation and add to the discussion.  I reserve the right to delete comments that are spam, shameless advertisements, so offensive to me that I cannot in good conscience leave them up on my blog, include swear words, trolling, are so off topic as to not contribute in any way, or for any other reason I may find at the time.

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The Author: Take a look at my profile.  One main thing you may need to know is that I am in the tradition of Presbyterianism and Reformed Theology (a.k.a., Calvinism).While I am committed to it, that's not the focus of this blog but it will certainly come out in my perspective.