May 4, 2013

A long, tech support filled week

This was the last week of classes at WCU and usually the busiest week of the semester for my office. Many assignments come due that need tech support, plus all the equipment that we check out comes back in now. I usually keep work betweem 8 am and 5 pm during the week, but this week I had to keep up with email at all hours.

I write this because 1) I want to explain why I haven't posted this week, 2) to say "thank you" to the many folks that work hard in support to keep things running, and 3) to make us aware of each other's work. I don't see the entirety of how most other people spend their time at work, so one trap to fall in to is to assume they don't work as hard as you do. Even if their work is not visible, it takes a lot of folks to keep a sizeable university (or business) going. One of the guys at WCU that drives the garbage truck is my co-den leader. This past Monday he looked worn out and he explained how he had to get in much earlier than usual and work long hours the last two weeks of the semester.

I have to tip my hat even more to the small business owners that don't have this specialized support and have to do it all themselves.

So, to those that do the hard front-line work of teaching (or whatever you do for your big organization), remember there's an army of folks backing you up. We want you to succeed, which is why we do what we do, even if hidden away much of the time.

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