Apr 25, 2013

Outline from Talk at Highlands UMC

I had a great time visiting with the folks at Highlands UMC last evening. They invited me to speak and I talked about "Thinking about Technology as a Christian." They had some great questions afterwards and I met a few fellow Georgia Tech grads. For anyone interested, here's my outline.

Intro: Our technological world

What is technology?
-God gave technology

Technology is value-infused
-Uses scarce resources
-Makes designer/builder and user "neighbors"
-Reveals designer’s values
-Its selection and use reveals our values
-Technology work can witness to God

God places importance on technology
-Technology-related stories in the Bible (Ark, Tower of Babel, Tabernacle, Crucifixion)
-Technology required for worship

How to think about a technology
-Two reactions: fearful rejection or enthusiastic embrace
-Look for good and harm in each

-Technology as a concept is good, but must be used wisely & thoughtfully
-Technology is dignified, even commanded by God
-Any technology is somewhere on the spectrum of helpful & hurtful
-Technology makers: pursue what is good out of love for neighbor
-Technology cannot save us

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