Feb 4, 2011

Technology shaping Christianity

This is a three year old article, but it is an interesting take on how different Christian leaders view technology. Some comments on each person's statement:

I disagree with Nadia Bolz-Weber when she says technology is neutral, but her point about allowing extended connections is good.

I'm not sure I can comprehend what Ian Mobsby said.

Phyllis Tickle mentions virtual worship and community, and apparently as good or at least as a reality. I come from a different angle: that we need to figure out what we're really supposed to be doing and seeing if what we're actually doing lines up with that.

Brian McLaren's point immediately after was a helpful antidote. "We should always use [technology] with care, remembering that Jesus modeled personal incarnation, not projection and amplification."

Kevin Goodrich noted the value in "being unplugged" for at least a time.

Page Blair had some thoughts on reaching people in their "vernacular" which seems to include a technology-infused culture. Good point at the end about how only the physically present Body can really minister to you, but I don't know that our "vernacular" includes wifi in the sanctuary as a necessity.

What stood out to you about any of these statements?

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