Feb 23, 2011

God Designed the Problem and the Solution

I must give credit to Dr. Andrew Peterson from one of his lectures in his RTS Virtual course Disabilities and the Church for pointing out this passage and its teaching on technology.

Take a look at Isaiah 28:23-29. The prophet describes certain agricultural tasks, noting that there are different ways to process different crops. In verse 29 we find that the matching of crop to technology (particularly seen in verses 27-28) is from God. How is this so? After all, people invented the tools and techniques.

Let's start with Genesis 1. God made everything, including these plants. God also made man, giving us minds to reason, discern, and create (in His image). God, in His sovereignty, brought together the design of the plants and gave particular skill (as seen last week) to someone or some group to be able to figure out how to harvest caraway and cumin.

Isaiah then breaks into praise for God's plan and wisdom.

My takeaways:
  • God has brought together problems and solutions in creation by His design
  • This appears to be for us to exercise our minds in how to best use technology to complete the "chain" - this in our role as "sub-creators"
  • I assume we have more recent agricultural methods for harvesting all the crops described - so our work doesn't stop of discovering better and better ways to use technology
  • When we see that problem-solution chain solved in some way, we should rejoice in God as the one who designed all these things (the "raw materials" and our minds) in His wisdom

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