Jan 5, 2011


Greetings and welcome to A Theology of Technology. The purpose of this blog is to think through and flesh out a Christian theology of technology. What does the Bible tell us about how we should think about and interact with technology? What guidance does someone who creates technology have from the Bible? We'll look at these questions and much more.

Exploring this topic in a blog interests me for a few reasons. First, I'm an engineer.  I create and use technology all the time, and so want to think about and interact with technology in a more Biblical way.  Second, I work in a college of education where we emphasize training teachers to train K-12 students how to use technology.  I'm curious about the importance of teaching ourselves to use current technology in ethical ways. Third, our culture is steeped in a massive amount of technology.  Humans have always worked with technology, but it seems to have increased as our science and civilization have grown.  Finally, a great deal of technology is invisible.  How often do you think about the implications of listening to the radio while driving or working?  The radio is a relatively new technology in history - how has that changed interaction between people and is that good or bad?  Whenever we get to questions of good/bad we are in moral territory, and so turn to our theology.

So please join me on this adventure.


  1. Lee,

    You should read the book "Reclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern Medicine" by Volck and Shuman. Itis a very though provoking book, mostly dealing with the intersection of faith, technology and incarnation. One of the more thoughtful books I have read this year. Congrats on the new baby. Hope you are well.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll have to acquire it.