Jan 28, 2011

God the Designer

As an engineer, I revel in reading Psalm 104.

God designed the earth, set it all in place, and made the habitats for the various creatures. And this wasn't haphazard, but done "in wisdom" (v. 24).

The psalm is also bookended by praise to God for His creation. Indeed, the psalmist declares he will sing to the Lord (v. 33) even as God Himself rejoices over His works (v. 31).

Some takeaways:
  • Biology, ecology, forestry, geology, etc. are good things that point to our God's work
  • Go outside and share this joy in God's works
  • God designed in wisdom - so must I
  • God rejoices in His creation - can I do the same with mine?
What else strikes you in this psalm relevant to technology, design, or other topics?

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