Jan 21, 2012

Non-Universal Church Tech Trends

Take a look at this list of technology trends for churches in the coming year. Some thoughts. First, there's a focus on making more effective use of digital media for higher quality presentation. Well and good as I'm all for excellence in our labors, both in and outside the church. But where is the discussion of how this makes the mission of the church (making disciples) more effective? I'm not saying it does or doesn't, but the author assumes it without making the connection here. A second thought: this list seems more focused on fairly large churches. Item 3 mentions "media departments" at churches; item 7 referring to digital signage leans this way as well. I've been a member at four churches since I've been married. I suppose one of those had a media department - it consisted of a computer geek that ran the website and another guy that did most of the A/V work. The other three are too small to even need such a thing. I've never been in a church that needed digital signage as the buildings are just too small to even need it. Perhaps the author's blog is targeted to these larger churches, but some mention of trends for smaller churches would be helpful. Certainly some points are helpful for all churches, but there are a wide variety of sizes and keeping that in mind could have made a more universally applicable list. (HT: The Aquilla Report)

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  1. I believe that technology is also applicable to churches most especially nowadays. Since we are now in Digital Age, even churches can take advantage of the these advance technology in sharing the Good News, in helping people to know God deeper. Thanks for sharing this blog.