Nov 14, 2011

Where's the Bach of the Web?

Go take a look at this short article about the creation of cultural artifacts. While there may be arguable things there, his main concluding point made me pause to think: what is an example of "high culture" on the Internet? Where's the Bach of the Web?
I work in educational technology and I think we're just starting to scratch the surface of what we can even do in that medium - that is, what affordances are available through the medium of the web. But, we're learning. Our university has an award for excellence in online/distance teaching and while some of the entries were not that impressive, some found unique ways to engage students with their content when they couldn't be in a physical space together.

Even so, I can't envision what an online high culture artifact would be. Maybe there's one out there already: something that lifts our thoughts and emotions as only a great piece of painting, writing, or music can. And, back to the point of the article, will we Christians be in the middle of it, working to create those artifacts that honor God and show truth, beauty, and goodness?

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