Sep 12, 2011

A Revealing, Convicting Inference

My apologies for not posting in a while - my day job and family take precedence.

Several days ago I was at the grocery store late at night for a few essentials we had forgotten. There was only one checkout lane open and I was behind a couple that was taking a long time to pay. I was getting impatient and so paid more attention to what was "the problem." They were counting out change to pay for their groceries, mostly in nickels, but some dimes and quarters. The cashier was patiently helping them count stacks of coins into whole dollars. I then noticed they had only two relatively small bags they were taking with them. They were not well-dressed.

I was thoroughly convicted of my impatience. Here I was, running out to get a few things we forgot while these folks may well have been paying for some bare essentials with the last of their resources before next payday. I was impatient at the "old" technology they were using, but that very technology implied something about their condition which ought to bring out my compassion. I wonder how many others out there in this poor economy are resorting to change jars to make ends meet?

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