Aug 15, 2011

Gadget Love

According to this blog, a survey run by Intel showed that a large number of Americans really love their technology gadgets, more than family and more than their favorite food. Some caveats: I can't find a link to the original survey & results, so it is difficult to draw conclusions from this. I don't know what population they surveyed, how they surveyed them, what questions were asked, how they define "gadget" (iPhone, iPad, or pencil sharpener?) etc.

Still, I'm sure there are people that love their gadgets this much. As Calvin says, our hearts are idol factories. Our gadgets are good a providing personal comfort, entertainment, and a sense of independence from others. They immediately respond obediently and are focused on our personal pleasure, unlike a spouse, children, and other relatives where we have mutual needs we need to meet. This self-focus is one of their great attractions.

If anyone out there finds a link to the original report, please leave it in a comment.

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