Apr 21, 2011

The Technology You Meant for Evil...

With Good Friday and Easter this week, I've reflected on that event and all it entailed. Keeping with the theme of this blog, I thought about the technology involved in the events of those days. Mainly on how evil they were, yet how God used even these for good.

Various means of torture were used on Jesus. One was the crown of thorns, a technology that both mocks and causes pain and bleeding. Another torture used was the scourging with a whip that likely had bits of metal and/or bone on the end of the lashes. Let's stop for a minute and think. A human being came up with those technologies, purposely designing them to be used on another human being. What terrible devices to account to yourself, no matter who they are used on.

Move on to the crucifixion - one of the most horrible ways we have devised to kill someone. Again, a human being devised this to be used on other people. Someone decided to drive nails through flesh into wood and to leave the victim to die from exposure, asphyxiation, or blood loss, whichever managed to come first. This technology is not neutral in any possible sense. It's purpose is to kill in a prolonged, painful way.

And, God the Father chose to inflict this on his only Son. Some of the most terrible technologies designed by man were inflicted on the Second Person of God.

The point: as a sinner, I deserve this experience myself; indeed, far worse for offending God. Yet, God inflicted this on himself in my place. The worst technology we could devise was used, and God used it for good - to redeem his people from sin. Our technology has no power over God, indeed his sovereign will rules over our technology, even the most evil of it.

So praise the Redeemer with me - the one who conquered all, even sin and death. Happy Easter.

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