Mar 16, 2011

Who built the ark? Noah, Noah...

Many are familiar with the story of Noah's ark, but have you ever thought of the technology involved? Look closely at the narrative. God gives some engineering specifications to this large structure: materials, dimensions, door location, and numbers of decks. Even with that (and assuming that is all of the revelation God gave Noah), Noah and his sons would have had to make many decisions about how to actually build the ark. And God, apparently, gave them the freedom to do that.

Also, the size of the ark is immense: a cubit is about 18 inches, so this is a 450 feet long, 75 feet wide, and 45 feet high boat.

My takeaways:
  • Is there enough room for all those animals and their supplies for a whole year? Well, it certainly is a huge boat.
  • God gave some necessary specifications but not an exact blueprint. The rest was left to Noah & sons to figure out how to implement. Praise God that He gave us good minds to be able to figure out such problems.

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